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Apple Muffin Candle - Top Seller

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Our Brand

We hand-make some of our own candles as well as bath bombs. Other merchandise, we travel the country to find the best and most uniquely rare products that can only be found in the most remote locations or in your favorite tourist spots! All candles are handmade in United States of America. We inspect every single product that comes in for quality!

"These are pretty aromatic candles that last a long time!! Definitely a need for the holidays :) they make great gifts"

Andrew Miranda

"loved the candles i bought , and the doggie memorial...loved it.....i also loved the grapefruit facial scrub...smells so divine and fresh....kudos"

Laura Keller

"I tried the Raspberry and Mixed Berry pie candles. After I lit them my husband came home and thought I was baking the smelled so good!"

Mary L.

"My first time shopping in this gift shop they have the coolest stuff different type of candles my mom loved her gifts i really recommend this to everyone!"

Xavier Cortez

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